I am looking for a collaborative model for a one time series of images using a variety of body jewelry and possibly clothing accessories. I am really only looking to produce 5-6 final images, with the model looking clearly in the lens, and capturing an image of stopping time, the eternal gaze, etc. It has been a challenge to find someone who 1) shoots topless, 2) would be able to understand that the desired images would be more transcendent and that although there would be some nudity, it is not a nude shoot per se, 3) fits the physical requirements (very little tattoos, C cup).  I am a performing arts photographer (part-time) and this series of images would be the completion of a lifetime goal, and I am not interested in doing others. One concept is of the image being shot in a totally white backgrounds, where the image of the model's face and upper body emerges from the white background, which I can achieve in post.  If you would be interested in considering this opportunity, I can assure you it will be the best I will produce in my lifetime, honoring the tradition of my father, who was an excellent portrait photographer. The work would be a collaboration, you would receive all copies of final images, and be reasonably paid, too. Images would be private, not shared on social media, and on my port password protected and anonymous if desired. Please give me a shout if you are at all interested in talking about doing something like this in 2019 in Minneapolis!

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