Rhythmic Circus turned O’Shaunessy Auditorium into the TC’s largest tap room 10/9/15. If you ever get the chance, make sure your feet don’t fail to take you to see this super rhythm machine. High-octane musical arrangements provide a springboard for innovative tap routines, executed with unflagging commitment to badder bombershays, jivin’ jump clicks, and happenin’ heel stands by some of the best local tap heros. High musicality all around, with perfect time (of course), and they play my favorite crunch chord, a sharp five/flat nine. Lots of humor and audience connectivity make this the perfect all-ages family dance performance. Total joy. With Ricci Milan, Nick Bowman, Kaleena Miller, Galen Higgins, Alex Rossi, Cornell Blanchard, Pat Nelson, Dan Ristrom, Heatbox, Peter Vircks and Aaron Wiener.

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