Tribute to Janis Joplin 10th Anniversary – 1/14/17, 1st Ave., Minneapolis - Vocalists: Jill Henderson, Debra G, Katy Hays, Jacy Smith, Special Guest Vocalists: Monica Heuser, Andra Suchy, Kari Akers, Jess Larson, Bettina Villamil; Band: Sam Hankey – Keys, John Henderson – Drums, Neil Johnson – Bass, Erich Krapf – Guitar, Brad Solheim – Guitar, Clay Whitney – Percussion; Horns: Kurt Andersen – Trumpet, Max Felsheim - Tenor Sax, Kevin Sinclair - Baritone Sax; Special Guest: Bobby Z – Drums; Opening act: Alex Rossi – Guitar, Sonny T - Bass, Ryan Bynum – Keys, and Barry Alexander II – Drums + tons of Loyal Fans

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