Raquel Rodriguez – Ice House, 3/7/15. Album review - “Miss Me”. The live performance was simply one of the best shows I’ve seen, and the album never, ever disappoints - both razor sharp/sublimely smooth and deeply personal/universal. Too many R&B influences to mention. “Miss Me” (2013, RQLROD.com) – Stellar lyrics, articulated vocal performance laced with power at every turn with deep soul/groove roots. Rock solid rhythm section, horn arrangements and harmonies. Extraordinarily effective tempo choices. This album just keeps on coming. It’s perfectly mixed and sounds fabulous at higher volumes (LP).   See FULL REVIEW below.

Raquel Rodriguez – Ice House, 3/7/15 and album review - “Miss Me”. The live performance was simply one of the best shows I’ve seen. This is a precision music machine - razor sharp and sublimely smooth. Every player outstanding. Like in certain other times and venues in Mpls., the stars of the R&B universe were shining this night. Look out Ristrom. “Miss Me” (2013, RQLROD.com) – Raquel wrote all the tunes, and the arrangements are stellar. This is a lyric-led album, articulated with a powerful vocal performance, and laced with deep soul/grooves at every turn. Rock solid rhythm section, complex horn arrangements and tight harmonies. Extraordinarily effective tempo choices. The album never disappoints – it just keeps on coming. It’s mixed perfectly and sounds fabulous at higher volumes (LP). No listener fatigue here. The songs cover a range of Love’s colors, both deeply personal and universal; save your money on couples counseling, buy this album and get your groove on. 1 (Hope You) Miss Me – “I’m shootin’ for the door, cause you take, and you take, and you take from me - you don’t give, you don’t give, you don’t give noth-in’.” Hot, high horns, great acoustic piano solo, rock-solid, straight ahead opener. 2) Tell Me It’s Fine – “Baby its time, make up your mind.. and tell me its fine..” – What decade is this from? Every decade. Horn soul in the best tradition, beautiful vocal harmonies, perfectly presented. 3) Don’t Owe You a Thing – Ow - good God! “So, you want to walk away? Well, leave me every part of me, ‘cause I Don’t Owe You a Thing.” Smooth horn builds, powerful vocals, surprising tension release. Searing electric guitar, complex harmonic overlays, etc. 4) Keepin’ On – “There’s not time to worry about everything – so don’t be afraid to take your chance to shine.” Hugely positive lyrics, universally inspiring. An energetic, keep-on-keepin’-on rocker. 5) Heaven Sent – and the Shirelles say, “Hey, hey, hey! He’s heaven sent to me!”. 6) Tryin’ – “I see that you’re tryin’, and I want you to know - that someday - I may ask you to stay”. Go ahead - fall right into that space.. the guitar.. the B3 and wait.. you’ll want to stay. Rockin’ vamps, tight harmonies. 7) Come Here - “I’m a woman lookin’ out for my man, and the things that you need – so come here (and I’ll never let you go)”. Gorgeous. Sharp 5/9 chord? 8) Fool That You Are – “Oh, you’re so foolish, I don’t want to break your heart, so I’ll change my ways (for you).” Surprising harmonic and tempo breaks propel the listener into harmonic space. Major 7 bliss, beautifully controlled falsetto. 9) (Baby) It’s You – “Don’t tell me to make better use of my time, ‘cause I need you to see I’m not that girl who always needs somebody, who needs a hand. But if I do, then baby, it’s you.” Pure vocal perfection. 10) Always – Santana’s Welcome meets Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On” – Timeless song for humanity; Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, I need you – always. Added this to my desert island album collection. Thanks to Vanessa for bringing this show to the TC - more, please.

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