Annie is a Mpls. acoustic singer-songwriter, whose CD “In Good Time” is a joy. The many moments of sonic and emotional purity are enveloped in nicely crafted arrangements that pull you in like a hot chocolate with Kalua. First you like the sweetness, then the complexity, and finally the payoff when your heart skips a beat. All except one of the songs were co-written with Matt Patrick. The lyrics are touching, original and authentic throughout, and the sentiments so real, you feel you’re witnessing, not just listening. There’s lots of great musicality on the CD (Watch the World Go By, How Long) utilizing a variety of instruments with unique rhythmic and harmonic motifs. Annie’s beautiful falsetto provides frequent flights to the firmament for early glimpses of sunrise. If you’re been feeling a little out of touch lately, buy this CD and you won’t feel that way anymore.

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